Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard of Band of the Day: The Don’ts

The Don

The Don’ts are from San Francisco. That’s probably the best way to describe them. Their lineup consists of Jonny Don’t (vocals), Joey Don’t (guitars), JJ Don’t (bass), and Kenny Don’t (drums), but from the picture, I have a hard time believing the Don’ts are actual blood relatives. Brothers in rock? I can buy that.

They’re certainly deft at genre-hopping. The first song I heard was that kind of spastic dance rock (“BlahBlahBlah”), and I had them pegged as one of those tight-shirted hipster rock bands that scene girls like to get sweaty-dance-y to (which is fine by me). But subsequent listening selections like “AKA Sob” have a space-y psyche rock feel. I guess they Don’t fit into any category. Ha. I’m sure they’ve never heard that one before.

Anyway. One of their most striking features is that one of the dudes wore a mask in all the press shots. And since I was a member of the Lone Ranger fan club when I was just wee, I figured I’d hook a fellow ranger up. Hi-ho, Silver. Away!


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