Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band Of The Day: Discrete Encounter

It took me listening to about 20 acts to get to a musical group that I actually had anything to say about. That’s kind of a lot of groups, you know? There were a few decent hip-hop groups in that midst, but notheinr that really called out to my fickle ear-brain. Maybe I was just looking for somehting a little more…EuroTrash.
Discrete Encounter

Discrete Encounter: It’s like the Eurhythmics and Johnny 5 in a passionate GHB-fueled sixty-nine, and I am ALL ABOUT THAT. The grinding, industrial pulse, the false harmonic pick squeals and chunka-chunka riffage, and ice-hearted, stoic female vocals drenched in reverb and digital delay… Plus, just look at them:

DE by Carrie Schechter

Man, I wish my band was that photogenic. Or that Euro-chic. Either way, listening to their throbbing electro makes me want to hold up in a former slaughterhouse-turned-disco, dressed entirely in leather and dance until my bowels turn to jelly.

Check Discreet Encounter’s MySpace here. YOu can buy their new album, 2B1 here. For $25? Really?

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