Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard Of Band of The Day: Connor McGuire

Connor McGuire

I sifted through a few submissions today and declined about four or five groups based mostly on their lyrical content, or lack thereof, rather. As a songwriter, the difference between hiding behind poorly-constructed metaphors and creating phrases that strike from the bone and come right from the heart is like night and day. There’s poetry in the day to day and honest simplicity will always trump complicated purple prose. That’s why Connor McGuire is our Band You’ve Never Heard of Band of the Day.

British Columbia singer/songwriter Connor McGuire’s songs take a road traveled by the likes of Mason Jennings and Jason Collett , built around acoustic instruments, peppered with non-obtrusive arrangements of mandolins, strings, horns, organs and electric guitar. His lyrical couplets follow ideas to their full conclusion (see “The End of the Line”), blending axioms and blunt moments into a seemless earnestness. You can purchase his album Different After Dawn here.

One thing, though: When will musicians and photographers stop being so infatuated with photos taken by brick walls and/or train tracks? It’s a prerequisite new jack move and it is quite possibly the most boring convention in rock journalism. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Connor, you’ve been warned. Wheat fields are out, too.
Connor McGuire

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