Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard of Band of the Day: A Catapult Western

A Catapult Western

When you’re a band that plays small bars and clubs, being a sextet must provide interesting challenges. The most obvious, as the picture above illustrates, is where the fuck do you put everyone?

Ergonomic difficulties aside, Madison, WI’s A Catapult Western sound doesn’t suffer from such hindrances. The six members of the group employ mandolins, violas, guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers and whatever else they can get their hands on to create beautifully spare arrangements, with each part in its proper place. This stuff isn’t for the feint of heart. ACW’s music is a slow, somewhat morose hodgepodge of sounds that borrow from post-punk, country and folk. But it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re kinda hungover from the night before and wondering if you’re making a mess of your life (uh…or so I’d imagine). The Onion had this to say about the group:

“Considering the novel draw of spaghetti-western scores, alt-country, and free form indie rock, musicians were bound to start combining all three. Not all will prove as graceful as recently formed Madison band A Catapult Western… ACW diffuses its vocal layers, viola, guitar, piano, and assorted other keyboard sounds through a slowcore haze. Even when it pushes into more straight-up, rocking country sounds, skewed guitars, and synths fend off genre cliches”

A Catapult Western’s debut full-length CD was released in October 2007. You can sample the songs and purchase it, if you’re so inclined, at CD Baby.


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