Synthesis Band Of The Day Band You’ve Never Heard Of: WePrickYou


Yeeow! Ow! That’s the type of hollering you’ll be doing if you happen to catch a live performance by Sacramento’s WePrickYou. These fellas throw down with the power trio, embracing super stoney fuzz licks and heavy, driving drum work, while managing a loose but humorously intense stage presence.

Frontman and guitarist Marcus Cortez picks a wild curly afro and spits a vocal delivery with undeniable sass and angst, yet is anything but contrived or cliche. And it’s not just any frontman that can keep an audience genuinely entertained between songs with offbeat banter. Matty Magnus holds down bass and synth with ease, chiming in with dual lead and backing vocals, and drummer Scott Quam simply blows the kit apart, all the while rep-ing a look reminiscent of Big Boss Man meets IRS. Check them out on the Space; I would personally recommend “Two Face Mona Lisa” and “Putting Me On.”

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