Synthesis Band, I mean, Artist You’ve Never Heard of Band, I mean, Artist of The Day: Yoshi

Okay, the long-winded title of our daily new band blog (“Synthesis Band You’ve Never Heard of Band of the Day”) may, by definition, rarely allow for hip-hop artists to get up in this piece. But it’s not like that. At Synthesis you will find a wide array of musical styles fighting for their time in the jukebox. Someone stops an Afropop CD to put in some power metal, only to later be replaced with some fey-assed twee pop, followed by outlaw country and a ska compilation. Then Video Matt or DT will put in some pop-punk that makes me want to punch myself in the balls over and over….just how it goes. So we mess with a bit of everything, and today that bit of everything is Michigan artist Yoshi.

Yoshi, artist of the DAY 3/4/08
Yoshi’s got chops, not only as a vocalist/MC, but as a producer and musician as well. Moreover, his shit is smoove, effortless flow with tracks that are real nodders. If you’re looking for a genre, Yoshi would have to be “conscious hip-hop,” a moniker I kinda hate. The sound’s where it’s at, though. His lyrics definitely benefit from his experience as a slam poet, crafting unique phrases that twist and turn into inventive cadences. He’s got a new album dropping soon, so be sure to check his space, drop him a line and get in the know.

MI and WI hip-hop heads, check out his show dates after the jump:

Upcoming Shows
Mar 15 2008 10:00A Puffer Red’s – 25th Anniversary celebration w/Cheri Dennis(Bad Boy), Chauncey Billups, and FM 98 Ypsilanti, Michigan
Mar 20 2008 9:00P Blind Pig w/ Leaf Erickson, Matt G., AKA, SelfSays, United Sons of Mind, Big KC, and Illite Ann Arbor, Michigan
Apr 5 2008 12:00P The Diag (Ann Arbor – Univ. of Michigan Campus Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 3 2008 9:00P Blind Pig (Yoshi’s album release party!) Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 9 2008 9:00P Discovery World Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  1. Jon Blazini March 4, 2008 at 8:02 pm #

    He spits like Dylon, hot fire…

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