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Google+ Runs Circles Around The Competition

By Patrick Salvatierra One day Google is going to release a downloadable warp-capable space/time traveling machine that will telepathically communicate your every thought to your closest friends. It will also provide Internet search results in real time for whatever mundane question or topic happens to pop into your brain as your Google-fabrication-machine builds the space/time […]

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Are Tablets Redundant?

By Joshua Stacy Now that Google I/O has wrapped up and all of the tech powerhouse’s have shown off their next big thing, it’s time to ask an important question that I think many have missed—are tablets redundant vanity items? Tablets haven’t even been around for a year and yet people speak and act as […]

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The Hood Internet Should Be On Your Radar

By Rachel Hwang Whatever your hipster friends might say, even in popular music, song arrangement is complicated stuff. There has to be a certain balance to the various elements of the song: tempo, melody, vocals, and weird-ass synth… This is why that for every awe-inspiring YouTube prodigy on the Internet there exists an equal and […]

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steven tyler

Steven Tyler Is…Not Bad

By Rachel Hwang It’s a sad truth that what most people watch Idol not for the promise of watching bright new stars rise to prominence, not for the discovery of true talent, but for the William Hungs of the world. So when Simon Crowell, professional mean girl of American television, left the show, producers knew […]

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Twilight Sucks and I Have Proof

By Stephanie McKinny Okay, I’m loving this. This whole time I’ve been wondering just WTF was so jaw-dropping amazeballs about the Twilight movies, and now I got my answer: nothing. You’re all just out of your damn minds apparently, because the beloved series is making the biggest splash of all with the most nominations in […]

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127 Hours

A. R. Rahman: Best In The Biz

By Rachel Hwang Under-appreciated artists must have their own patron saint somewhere. This isn’t self-promotion for once. I’m thinking of men and women who do beautiful work in the public eye, and get shafted in favor of celebrity breakup gossip. So if you don’t know who A. R. Rahman is, listen up. If you haven’t […]

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Tron Is Worth Your Time

By Rachel Hwang A lot of my friends have been looking forward to Tron: Legacy. With its flashy trailer and the promise of a cult-classic done up all shiny and new, what’s not to be excited about? According to my go-to movie review sites, however, the critical consensus on the movie has been a resounding […]

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