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Come Early, Come Often

By Eric Wendt Listening to Early & Often’s newest release, Present No Fiction, Fear No Tense (PNFFNT) is a lot like listening to the soundtrack for a movie. A dark, atmospheric movie you can’t stop watching. Vocalist Jeff Wright was kind enough to answer some questions for Synthesis regarding the band’s sound, the Sacramento scene, […]

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On The Make

By Eric Wendt Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Jeff Schneeweis and Trevor Sellers were both part of Number One Gun, a solid pop-punk outfit that got signed to Tooth & Nail Records. In 2006 Number One Gun dissolved while the members of the band moved on to different projects (The North Pole Project, […]

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Oslo Madman Hated Hip Hop

And now another thoughtful piece from Synthesis homie and heady hip hop hero Mahbod Moghadam from RapGenius. By Mahbod Moghadam The “manifesto” released by Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik is full of some bulllllshit — including an essay on Philadelphia gangsta rap pioneer Schoolly D from a semi-infamous, semi-academic 2003 essay by American political commentator/linguist […]

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Children’s Books Are For Adults, Silly

By Sleazus Christ The Dinosaurs Are Dead is in the same vein as Go the Fuck to Sleep; a children’s book made for adults. Written by Stephen Linquist and Travis Linquist, with awesome illustrations by Miguel Cervantes, this book tells the true story of how dinosaurs became extinct. Forget evolution or dino-homosexuality; it was a […]

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Google+ Runs Circles Around The Competition

By Patrick Salvatierra One day Google is going to release a downloadable warp-capable space/time traveling machine that will telepathically communicate your every thought to your closest friends. It will also provide Internet search results in real time for whatever mundane question or topic happens to pop into your brain as your Google-fabrication-machine builds the space/time […]

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Yup, 3D Is Still Lame

By Joshua Stacy How’s that 3D TV you bought last year treating you these days? What? You mean to tell me you didn’t allow yourself to get caught up in the moment? You didn’t fork over excessive amounts of money to replace something you already had for another gimmick item? Well then, good for you! […]

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It’s Time To Get Cloudy

By Patrick Salvatierra Having your head in the clouds was once a bad thing, or so I’ve been told. Today it means something totally different. For those of you who don’t know about cloud software or technology, think Google Docs. Having your documents in “the cloud” allows you to share a document instantly with anyone […]

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