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People do stupid things all the time. Here is a place to mock such incidents.


Tracy Morgan Is An Idiot

By Sleazus Christ I like Tracy Morgan. I think he’s a weird, demented, funny motherfucker. 30 Rock isn’t my favorite show or anything, but Morgan always cracks me up on it (Alec Baldwin is still better, though). I stopped watching SNL for anything other than schadenfreude a long time ago, but I still dug many […]

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson Can’t Get Laid

By Olivia Guevara Emma Watson, otherwise known as the fuzzy haired Hermione Granger of the spectacular Harry Potter films, has dropped out of Brown University. She has denied the rumors that she will be departing due to teasing and bullying and name calling and such, something I find hard to believe. Do you mean to […]

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Sexy Time In 3D

By Cory Clark This week in “Yeah, I was wondering when that was gonna happen” news: that 3D sex movie you’ve probably never heard of, aptly titled 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstacy, has finally landed a distribution deal in America. It’s already breaking box-office records in naughty countries like Australia and New Zealand. It […]

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Pope John Paul II

Pope Looks Like Poop

By Joshua Stacy A recently erected sculpture of Pope John Paul II outside of the Termini Train Station in Rome is apparently pissing a lot of people off. Some are comparing it’s likeness to that of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and not the recently beatified Pope that was loved by millions, calling the thing “very […]

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goat fight

Bath Salts=Dead Goats

By Eric Wendt I’ve been curious about these bath salt drugs for a while now. It’s essentially just amphetamines (it’s often compared to cocaine and crystal meth) packaged in a way to get around U.S. drug laws. As long as the chemicals are being sold in a manner that discourages human consumption, you can pretty […]

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Trump Stepped Down: Thank God

By Joshua Stacy Well, I think a vast majority of the nation can now breathe a sigh of relief—Donald Trump has officially announced he will not be running for President of these United States. Does this mean the GOP won’t have another circus for the nation to laugh at and make fun of this coming […]

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