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God Apparently Hates Prom And Rock Music

Those crazy fundamental baptists Christians are at it again. At what you might ask? Making themselves look like a bunch of dumb-asses. If you have seen the documentary “Jesus Camp“, then you know the types of religious folk I am talking about. If you haven’t seen that film, or are unfamiliar with the baptist branch […]

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What’s So Wrong With A Little Waterboarding?

With the recent release of secret CIA memos concerning torture techniques used by military personal to obtain information from “the enemy”, people are turning this whole thing into a gigantic deal. With saying that, I do not condone torture of prisoners for many reason BUT shit happens in war. We have killed thousands and thousands of people the past […]

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Obama in Europe

President Obama will return from his trip over seas tomorrow having accomplished a handful of positive things and having made a few dumb mistakes. His woo-ing trip to Europe included traveling through 5 countries, having over 15 one-on-one meetings with foreign leaders, and attending 3 summit meetings. This is an addition to speaking at Buckingham […]

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AP Tour All Access

Regardless of how you feel about the music on this years AP Tour, if anyone knows or has seen any of the bands you should be “ready to party” as John O’ Callaghan, lead singer of The Maine said in a recent video blog update. 3OH!3, Family Force 5, and The Maine all tri-headlining the tour, […]

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The Hash Reality of AB-390

Regardless of how you morally feel about weed and weather people should or should not smoke it, thanks to Tom Ammiano it is something that will be brought up a lot in the upcoming future. I actually spent a solid 20 minutes reading the proposed AB-390 that assemblymen Ammiano and it sounds pretty interesting. Some […]

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Burress A Moron, Mayor Bloomberg Pissed

Life has to be shitty when the Mayor of New York City wants your ass locked up. This is of course in response to the insanely ignorant action of the New York Giants football star Plaxico Burress. In case you have been living under a rock the past few days or don’t give a shit […]

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Missouri and Their Laziness

It has been almost 2 weeks since election night and since the late evening of November 4th we knew the 44th president of the United States was going to Barack Obama. However, Missouri is a little slow at counting things apparently. With a shade over 6,000 votes yet to be counted no definite winner has […]

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