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Who’da thunk that merely less than a decade ago R. Kelly was mistakenly deemed a pervert, when all along he’s been a goddamn scientific visionary from day one. Emblazoning a path toward a future far beyond the reach of flying cars and ray guns, I think its safe to say Mr. Kelly most definitely has a future […]

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Look at me, I blogged a blog.

For some odd reason I found myself typing ‘douchebag’ into google. Probably to see if I could find anyone talking about how cool I am. I soon landed upon a website of sheer comedic social commentary genius. Ever go to a bar or some random party and see your average Laguna Beach saturated barbie girl […]

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Smoke drugs much?

If so, then perhaps Victoria, BC Canada is where you might want to be. Citing many problems with open transient drug use on street corners, there seems to be much concern surrounding the health of a once vibrant city… heh… From what I’m reading it sounds like that part of Candinadia is turning into downtown […]

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