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Guitar Hero 5 Tracklisting

I hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure this video game enterprise, along with Rock Band, is one of the only reasons that the music industry isn’t completely tanking. I haven’t looked into what the contracts are like regarding issues like securing copyrights or label fees, but any idiot with a flavor of the […]

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Don’t Mess With Kevin Smith

As Comic-Con has descended upon San Diego, Screen Junkies has delightfully reminded us not to fuck with big ass Hollywood stars… people like Kevin Smith. I mean, come on! He wrote Clerks! Check out how Smith verbally violates some jackass at 2008′s events, then go watch Clerks: The Animated Series. Yes, it’s real, it’s horrible, […]

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Joe Biden Kinda Sucks

It’s not too big a secret that Synthesis supports the current administration. For God’s sake, we tried our best to slander the living daylights out of McCain and Palin , and I for one think we did a damn god job of it. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been quietly blowing it consistently […]

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Recycled Content?

I found this post somewhere on the net about the used of recycled content.  I don’t really see what the problem is, those damn leftists are always telling me to recycle, reduce and reuse. Growing up (occasionally) reading my local daily paper beyond the comics section, it struck me how much of the news was […]

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Thrice Responds To Album Leak, Pushes Up Release Date

Thrice’s next effort, Beggars, unfortunately hit the web super early as someone ripped a promotional stream from Vagrant. In response, they’ve decided to push up both the digital and physical releases, with the latter of the two containing exclusive bonus footage. July 23, 2009 – Vagrant Records announces the August 11, 2009 digital release of […]

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The Glitch Mob

I honestly have no idea who these dudes are. To tell you the truth, I have no idea what the hell ‘glitch hop’ is… let’s ask the Wiki, shall we? Glitch hop is a relatively new sub variant of the glitch form, and shares the name click hop, blip hop, downbreaks and break hop. Aside […]

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New Saves The Day Footage

Saves The Day recently threw out some footage surrounding the making of their new album, Daybreak. I’m pretty sure they’re nowhere near finished, but it’s always cool to check out some studio shots. Speaking of their studio (Electric Lady Bug), doesn’t it seem oddly familiar? Meh, anyways check out the first installment below, then head […]

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