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My Proudest Moment

When I look back at my time serving this blog nothing makes me prouder than my most successful post “Something for all our 12-15 year old girl readers,” which received an astonishing 10 comments. This was no doubt the pinnacle of my career. Goodbye, I love you all.

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J-Zone Gator$-N-Fur$ free download.

 A good start to the day, via J-Zone “What up, and welcome to my monthly mixshow Gator$-N-Fur$. Now that I’m steppin back from the mic to put focus to production and djing, its only right I kick it off with a lil monthly mixshow for fun. Goin back to my roots as a college […]

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Count Bass D

 Count Bass’ video for “True Or False” off Act Your Waist Size just hit the internet today, and if you got a couple minutes I suggest you check it out. I think it’s something anyone not in the pop state of mind could enjoy, and if you haven’t already be sure to check Act […]

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R. Kelly “Double Up” In Stores Now!!!!!!!!!!

 What the critics are saying… (…he has affirmed his position as one of the era's greatest…â€? – NY Times (…vintage R Kelly…â€? – USA Today (…Kelly's not only smooth enough for the ladies, but rough enough for the fellas…â€? – NY Post (The album provides plenty of examples of the real reason that Kelly’s […]

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Serengeti Appreciation Week, Day Five

A week of Serengeti, and we still haven’t really scraped the surface…I’m a great blogger. Our tech guy isn’t around so my original plan of posting some tracks from his upcoming album Don’t Give Up on Audio 8 is a no go. I did get to hear the album though, and to no surprise it’s […]

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Serengeti Appreciation Week, Day Four

“about the noodles and the neeg they were recorded right after each other whimsy in the summer neeg in the fall i wanted to do shit less constricted like imperfection eveybodys shit was perfect with the accessability of recording everybody can make shit exacting i wanted the opposite thus the noodles and the neeg” The […]

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Serengeti Appreciation Week, Day Three

Although it was the third album of Serengeti’s that I found, Noodle-Arm Whimsy was the second in his catalog (at least from what I can gather) coming out in 2005, a couple months before Gasoline Rainbows. Again leaning towards the rap side, but still I’m hesitant to label it just that. Geti’s music doesn’t really […]

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Warner Brothers Does It Again

First there was the Lil’ Scrappy “Money In The Bank” game, this time around we have the Mike Jones “My 64″ racing game. You’ll never catch Mr. Jones. He’s got a game that’s far to strong. All I gotta say is that this is a great way to get a song in your head. Check […]

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Serengeti Appreciation Week, Day Two

After the introduction with Gasoline Rainbows the next album I came across of Serengeti’s was Dennehy. While definitely more rooted in rap than Gasoline Rainbows, Dennehy was just as a out there with a series of conceptual/story-telling tracks. Falling in line with the albums title, four songs were told from the perspective of a character […]

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