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Karl Blau: Zebra

Karl Blau Zebra k One of their true diamonds in the rough in K Records’ roster is without a doubt Karl Blau. Blau kicks off Zebra with “Waiting for the Wind,” an explorative track which sounds like a cross between laidback bop jazz and Sea Change-era Beck, ultimately giving off a heavily sedated, loungy vibe. […]

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Raekwon: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II

Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II iCeh20 Sometimes the anticipation of something is better than the thing itself. Raekwon’s long-awaited sequel to his 1995 masterpiece, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, falls into that category. Linx II is not a bad album by any means, but it doesn’t live up to the years of […]

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The Dynamites: Burn it Down

The Dynamites Burn it Down Outta Sight Funky and soulful, The Dynamites’ Burn it Down is an awesome musical anachronism. This release boasts all the groove and passion of funk and soul from a bygone era. At the forefront is the phenomenally powerful voice of Charles Walker, but the dynamites are much more than a […]

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Wild Beasts: Two Dancers

Wild Beasts Two Dancers Domino Wild Beasts are an ambient pop quartet hailing from the UK and this is their much-anticipated sophomore effort for domino Records. As a whole, Two Dancers flows nicely with a beautiful aesthetic full of melodic and dynamic continuity for any fan of bedtime-rock. The guys are admirably achieving new sonic […]

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Anvil: This Is Thirteen

Anvil This is Thirteen Independent Anvil is a tenacious and long-lived Canadian metal band. This is Thirteen is their 13th release in 27 years of rocking out. Anvil pounds out power metal with full-force and few surprises. this band hasn’t “gone soft,” and their sound hasn’t “matured.” their old-fashioned shredding is a testament to metal’s […]

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The Get Up Kids: Something to Write Home About

The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About Vagrant 1999 sucked. Some trench coat-wearing winners shot up their high school. Woodstock was burnt down in a disgusting demonstration of oxymoronic violence. Brittney, Christina and the Backstreet Boys dominated the charts and it seemed that punk rock was taking the rest of the decade off. […]

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Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats: Meet the Meatbats

Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats Meet the Meatbats Warrior The Meatbats provide Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith with another side project besides looking eerily like Will Ferrell. The band’s sense of humor is evident in both the quirky song titles and playful riffs and rhythms. The Meatbats’ music highlights lefty guitarist Jeff Kollman, who employs a […]

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Chali 2na: Fish Outta Water

Chali 2na Fish Outta Water Decon For those of you saddened by the break-up of Jurassic 5, you can rejoice because Chali 2na has re-emerged with his debut solo album, and it’s easily as good as any of his former group’s records. Chali 2na, the “friendly neighborhood baritone,” is perhaps the most recognizable voice of […]

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