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Dig Out Your Pockets

  England “rock” band, Oasis, is in the works of dropping a new FULLY PRICED album, Dig Out Your Soul. Emphasis on the FULLY PRICED part. The band is making it their sole responsibility that no songs leak out on the net for free and that fans are paying for their tracks. Gallagher is attempting to make […]

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From Chico, CA all the way to the Bay, the blue skies have turned gray. No matter what part of California, everyone is lost in the abyss of smoky clouds.I can not even walk out my front door without the smell of smoke lingering into my lungs. Even the governator was in Butte County this […]

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27.3 grams..WHERE!?!

(I used this pic from because 1, I couldn’t find any other and 2, cuz I love the funny lil caption Perez wrote. He cracks me up.) If this isn’t LIVING proof of what drugs do to you kids, I don’t know WHAT is! Reading this made me cringe. Perez reports that a woman […]

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Fiddy Cent ain’t enough to get your child back

The baby momma drama just seems to be getting richer for rap star and mogul 50 Cent. Reported on dailynews, 50 was given some good and bad news today, in the recent child custody battle with his baby mama Shaniqua Thompson. The good news is that he will be able to have visitation rights, allowing […]

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Julia Roberts gone bad

Julia Roberts has always seemed like an approachable celebrity. Like one of those celebrities that is just a normal person, that happens to star in block buster films, but that bubble was popped at the red carpet, of the premier of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Roberts was the executive producer of the film. As […]

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Shia LeBadass

So, the older he gets, the more badass he becomes. Shia LeBeouf, child actor gone bad, was recently caught BREAKING THE LAW on the set of his film for Trasformers II. As reported by Perez Hilton, LeBeouf could not resist the urge to light up in a “non smoking allowed” area at the Smithsonian National […]

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American Beauty in Oxford

Two time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, was named the professor of Contemporary Theater at Oxford’s St. Cathrine College. Um..did anyone see American Beauty? This is like sending an alcoholic in to a bar! I mean, he is a talented actor, no doubt about that, but geesh. Spacey is said to be delighted for his one-year […]

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I see your true colors

In honor of Friday the 13th, I decided to bring back the dead and write a lil bloggity blog on Cyndi Lauper. She was scheduled to perform on the CBS Early Show this morning, but decided to storm of in TRUE DIVA form, when technical difficulties arose. Instead of waiting, she just left, without even […]

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The Incredible DIVA

So it is reported that Edward Norton is refusing to do much, if any, publicity for the new Hulk movie. I guess he figures he will leave it up to all the bloggers out there, writing posts about how he refuses to do publicity, to do his publicity for him. Well Ed, it ain’t gonna […]

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